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Tablero de boxeo de pared con musica y luces (incluye guantes para adulto y niño)

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Smart Music Boxing Machine Wall Target LED Lighted Sandbag Relaxing Reaction Training Target for Boxing Sports Agility Reaction

Four modes to choose from:

Adult mode:

Suitable for 1-3 gears, with 4-5 alternating flashing lights

Children's mode:

Suitable for 5-9 gears, with 2-3 alternating flashing lights

Training mode:

Suitable for 4-6 gears, with 3 alternating flashing lights

Rapid mode:

Increase the speed H0-9, cooperate with the flashing mode P1 to follow the rhythm and start practicing happily

Velcro installation: one side is attached to the wall and the other side is attached to the product, and the height can be adjusted at any time

Strong adhesive installation: Tear off the protective film on the back to install

Accessories: Boxing machine, charging cable, English manual, Velcro, back glue.

Selling point:

This music boxing machine is composed of a wall mounted host and a USB charging cable, which can increase the flexibility and coordination of the body, improve reaction ability, and experience the joy of fitness in the game.

Boxing wall targets are sturdy, durable, compact, and portable, and can be installed on walls. The surface is elegant, easy to clean, and practical.

When our intelligent boxing machine is very suitable for relieving stress, boxing at home is a good choice. Widely used for training in boxing, Sanda, Taekwondo, and Wing Chun.

Intelligent Bluetooth connection, built-in speaker, can play your favorite music through Bluetooth connection.

Our intelligent music boxing machine is very suitable for long-term use, and for anyone who likes to relieve stress and vent, it is a practical gift. Play your favorite songs and enjoy the convenience of easy installation.